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Quality, safety, design and a wide range of colors” – simply BIBS pacifiers. With more than 30 years of tradition, they are produced and designed in Denmark and conquer the whole world. Among all pacifiers,
they stand out due to their safety and helping the natural development of children.
They are made of 100% natural rubber and resistant to chipping off small pieces. The pacifier does not irritate the baby’s sensitive
skin and the construction is made so that it does not touch the skin around the baby’s mouth, thus preventing irritation and imprints around the mouth. Thanks to their innovative technologies and the built-in air valve,
your little one simply sucks on the pacifier, which preserves the natural development of the palate, teeth and gums.

The pacifiers are free of BPA, PVC and in accordance with the European standard EN 1400-A2.

Size 1: 0-6 months
Size 2: 6-18 months
Size 3: from 18 months